Backyard Pool Fun With the Girls

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Swamp boating down the Hillsborough River for Mosquitos

Mosquito control here in Tampa has taken a major turn. When I was at a small park on the banks of the Hillsborough river in Tampa, I noticed a slow moving craft. The craft looked to be a swamp boat like the many I have seen going along the large beds of swamp in northern Florida. This was my first time seeing a team of swamp boaters here in Tampa.

The boat team were what looks like county employees of Hillsborough that were slowly trolling the waters for killing mosquito larvae. In the news we have seen a variety of different species of mosquito flying all over Tampa. As you know, these mosquitoes are really good at spreading a variety of new vectors of sickness into the populace.

I’m hoping the team on the boa that day took care of the species that were out of the area. Have you had to deal with out of the area species of animals in your own areas? Please use the comments box below to share your opinion on these menaces.