Billboard Strikes A Nerve: “Homosexuality Is A Behavior. Not A Civil Right” « Pat Dollard

homosexuality billboard controversy

Excerpted from the Daily Mail: Gay marriage opponents have sponsored billboards across Michigan as the Supreme Court justices consider legalizing same-sex marriages across the United States. The billboards, carried out by conservative groups nationwide, are turning heads across metro-Detroit with their message, ‘Homosexuality is a behavior. Not a civil right’.…

Source: Billboard Strikes A Nerve: “Homosexuality Is A Behavior. Not A Civil Right” « Pat Dollard

Notice that the billboard appears in the heavily muslim city of Dearborn Heights, Michigan. Yes, this is the place that is also referred to as “Dearbornistan”, this name is given to the city due to the overt no-go zones for people that are not of the muslim belief. There are scores of videos on youtube about the anti-Christian behavior of the city’s muslim community. Simply Google, “islam in Dearborn” for more.

Be warned that the videos you will find are very graphic.

Advertisements is spreading for #Oregonians for Gun Rights

I have been asked recently if the petition I filed for the Val Hoyle recall was prompted by the “gun lobby.” The answer to that is absolutely not!


There is a solution for the flip flopping State Representative in this area of Oregon. Join the Facebook page and get your signatures on the petition to recall this spineless gun grabber in the 14th district of the state of Oregon. and below is the video that goes into deeper depth of this gun rights issue and the reason behind the election recall of this politician.


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