Do we really know who is in the US? Refugees in America and Radicals?

This said, how does it make you feel to know that Obama’s State Department has opened our doors to millions of refugees from Syria, a hotbed of Radical Islamic Extremism?

And how does it make you feel to know that members of the U.S. Congress have little or no information about who these refugees in America are or how they are being processed?

This is a very frightening condition of the failed INS service of the United States. Never letting our guard down has been corrupted by time and progressiveness. Many within the obama administration of the United States government are too consumed with keeping illegal immigrant feelings assuaged. The above pictures and background story says that we as American citizens need to be vigilant if our government fails in their duties. Taking on Syrian refugees in America in a conflict that is fueled by a foreign government should not be our concern.

Spotting weird behaviors and movements of “naturalized citizens” and those that are even born here is a tough task. I find it inconceivable and at the same time heart-breaking when tragedies happen that could have been possible avoided. Now this government is allowing “refugees” from foreign battlefields that are in no way expressing a desire to assimilate into our great society.

We are living in dangerous times these days. Please, as a US citizen give it a thought to add your name to a petition that is being generated and circulated by a group that I belong to and support wholeheartedly. The signup link can be found at Special Operations Speaks , thank you for taking the time to support our cause.