How I make coffee in less than two minutes – VIDEO

Coffee is definitely a staple for me. However, i don’t spend lots of money on the foo-foo’s of coffee making. A simple $5 coffee maker and straight black coffee is all it takes for me.

Keep it simple is definitely a mantra I can live with. How involved do you get with making your daily coffee fix? Use the comments box below to share your opinion.


M&P 9mm Compact with AK47 from Colorado Makes Sense for Home Defense

AK47 and the initial purchase of the smith and Wesson MP 9mm compact version are great buys. I was drawn to the AK47 in the above video because its durability and robustness. At my local gun dealer ad FFL carrier this weapon was purchased for a reasonable sum for me. and the ammunition that can be brought locally is also in abundance. There are however, less than enough slings and accessories that I could find locally for my current battle rifle.

Today’s climate of failed police departments and the idea that I should wait for the police to provide protection for me and my family is ludicrous. What are your own thoughts when it comes to you protecting your family and your personal property? Do you arm yourself like I did with an AK47 and a CCW? Or are you the person sitting there waiting on the police to mop up the crime after your dead?

Eating a chocolate dessert from Red Lobster

Javier, my only son loves chocolate. And now that anthony is no longer with me it was something that me and Javier did in respect to Anthony and his memory. You see, Anthony, my oldest son was killed on January 2014 by a reckless driver. We spent time milling over our loss as a family of people that really never had the money to go out and eat really good dinners and great desserts.

Now Javier and me go out and when we do, we eat a dessert in honor of my deceased and beloved son, Anthony.