Why Do Men Cheat?

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I know that every woman has asked themselves this question a time or two, or more. I know that every woman has thought to themselves about how they have given a guy their all and yet they still stepped out on them. Being a man, I have been asked this question so many times and every time I attempt to give an answer it seems that my point of view changes. See the truth is there is no 1 answer to give women when it comes to our mysterious ways of infidelity; however there are a handful of common reasons why we do what we do and some of these reasons you may be aware of and some you may not. So, it is my goal is to bring a little clarity to this situation because I think men take a lot of the blame which we should but in…

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I Didn’t Forget You

it's Sharon's Life

Hey guys! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. You must be aware that I haven’t posted any new post today. Well, I did but it was published on my main blog at Sharon Beauty Prime. If you like to check it out, that would really make my day. I’ll have the link down below.


I also have somewhat new Instagramwhich is now on full force. I really love the idea of us getting connected and engaged in social media. Leave your comments and links if you like me to check out yours.


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Congrats to April Fool Winners

Empire Kred

I, Sir Rudiger, am honored by the outstanding participation in my April Fool’s Profile Pic Hunt. This was a tough one, with LOTS of players changing their pics. Next time, I will have to include a vote for best and/or funniest photo!

The entries were spread all over the treehouse and I, Sir Rudiger, personally certify the results. NO ONE got them all and everyone had some wrong, but our winners were amazing hunters.

Please put your paws together for:

Lisa Luhman (e)AUREATE





ANOTHER FUN FACT: Every one who DID sign up with Sir Rudiger was found by at least two people.

WHAT ARE THE PRIZES? I, Sir Rudiger, will contemplate that over a pitcher or two of fermented pumpkin ale. I usually do investment missions, but…

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