Wal-Mart makes ISIS cake with no questions asked – VIDEO

Wal-Mart has really got some explaining to do when it comes to this. Making the cake for a savage bunch of muslims is totally unacceptable. I wonder if the baker at that particular Wal-Mart store is a pro-isis sleeper? Makes me tend to think all kinds of things. What about you? I wouldn’t think Wal-Mart would even attempt to apologize to the guy in the video or better yet, refund his money entirely.

Our country is lost.

Stand by to see if Wal-Mart issues an apology. I don’t foresee one coming. Do you?

Here is where I originally found out about this Wal-Mart bakery situation on Facebook.

BLOW THIS POST UP: WALMART-Yes to ISIS Cake, No to Confederate Cake- WATCH THE VIDEO!This is the fairyland that we…

Posted by Freedom Daily with Brian Kolfage on Sunday, June 28, 2015


2 thoughts on “Wal-Mart makes ISIS cake with no questions asked – VIDEO”

  1. Yikes… I bet the guy didn’t even know what he was making. My husband used to work in a bakery and the cake requests people made would turn your hair grey sometimes. I think they ask simply to ask to see if they can get away with it. Many times they can’t, but sometimes somebody sneaks something through… Either way… Yikes!

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    1. I could only imagine the requests for Wal_Mart baked cakes. If this had happened to me I would have taken my business elsewhere. But as you can see he did PAY for the black flag of hate cake.

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