Veterans Memorial Park in Tampa is Definitely Worth A Visit

As you can see I’m not a really great photographer. My photography skills on display are nothing compared to what I saw at the local Veterans Memorial Park here in Tampa. Very well laid out with monuments dating all the way back to the Spanish-American War, I was very impressed. This was my first time here and since it was right across the highway from the gun range I decided to go in and take a look.

My previous trip across the highway was too late – after 5:30p.m. So take note this park is very strict when it comes to its hours of operation. The rangers on the grounds keep the grasses looking lush and all of the picnic areas had well thought out layouts for the benches and BBQ grills. The Hillsborough County Park service did an outstanding job with placement of the Veterans Memorial Park museum too. I couldn’t do that one at the time I was there since it was getting to late. On my next trip to the gun range I’ll be sure to poke my head in to the museum to see the artifacts of war on display. Some of the flight artifacts took me back to times I spent in various combat and non-combat areas that I found myself in when I was in the Army.

If you ever get to Tampa and would like to stop by be sure to get there early. What are the Veterans Memorial Parks like in your hometowns? Use the box below to share your own experiences, good or bad.


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