Do we really know who is in the US? Refugees in America and Radicals?

This said, how does it make you feel to know that Obama’s State Department has opened our doors to millions of refugees from Syria, a hotbed of Radical Islamic Extremism?

And how does it make you feel to know that members of the U.S. Congress have little or no information about who these refugees in America are or how they are being processed?

This is a very frightening condition of the failed INS service of the United States. Never letting our guard down has been corrupted by time and progressiveness. Many within the obama administration of the United States government are too consumed with keeping illegal immigrant feelings assuaged. The above pictures and background story says that we as American citizens need to be vigilant if our government fails in their duties. Taking on Syrian refugees in America in a conflict that is fueled by a foreign government should not be our concern.

Spotting weird behaviors and movements of “naturalized citizens” and those that are even born here is a tough task. I find it inconceivable and at the same time heart-breaking when tragedies happen that could have been possible avoided. Now this government is allowing “refugees” from foreign battlefields that are in no way expressing a desire to assimilate into our great society.

We are living in dangerous times these days. Please, as a US citizen give it a thought to add your name to a petition that is being generated and circulated by a group that I belong to and support wholeheartedly. The signup link can be found at Special Operations Speaks , thank you for taking the time to support our cause.


Michelle obama Goes bald for Jeopardy?

Michelle obama has definitely taken a turn for the worse in her appearance. Her appearance on the latest Jeopardy is not very attractive at all. Have a look at the video following the blockquote for her appearance on the show.

She is widely admired for her bold style rather than her bald style – but it almost seemed as though the First Lady had shaved off her locks when she appeared on Jeopardy.

Michelle Obama made a guest appearance on the long-running game show to promote her ‘Let’s Move’ anti childhood obesity campaign.

But while she was answering questions on healthy eating, some viewers were going online to ask whether the 51-year-old was now bald.

One Twitter user @crysyallewis60 wrote: ‘Ooh why is Michelle Obama bald on jeopardy? When did this Happen?’

Another, Nicholle Cummings added: ‘Michelle Obama looks bald on Jeopardy.’

Read more: Daily Mail


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Swamp boating down the Hillsborough River for Mosquitos

Mosquito control here in Tampa has taken a major turn. When I was at a small park on the banks of the Hillsborough river in Tampa, I noticed a slow moving craft. The craft looked to be a swamp boat like the many I have seen going along the large beds of swamp in northern Florida. This was my first time seeing a team of swamp boaters here in Tampa.

The boat team were what looks like county employees of Hillsborough that were slowly trolling the waters for killing mosquito larvae. In the news we have seen a variety of different species of mosquito flying all over Tampa. As you know, these mosquitoes are really good at spreading a variety of new vectors of sickness into the populace.

I’m hoping the team on the boa that day took care of the species that were out of the area. Have you had to deal with out of the area species of animals in your own areas? Please use the comments box below to share your opinion on these menaces.

Eating a chocolate dessert from Red Lobster

Javier, my only son loves chocolate. And now that anthony is no longer with me it was something that me and Javier did in respect to Anthony and his memory. You see, Anthony, my oldest son was killed on January 2014 by a reckless driver. We spent time milling over our loss as a family of people that really never had the money to go out and eat really good dinners and great desserts.

Now Javier and me go out and when we do, we eat a dessert in honor of my deceased and beloved son, Anthony.

Don Shipley the Phony SEAL Destroyer gives YouTube the Heave-HO

Navy SEAL Don Shipley has finally decided to step off of the plank from the YouTube bullshit space. I signed up to his new membership site as soon as he made the gateway active. I think I can take a sliver of my VA check to get some comedic relief. Below is an excerpt from the above video that Don made concerning the YouTube strangulation and political correctness.

Navy SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley, an old retired commando, is tired of being punished by YouTube like a child for attacking phonies.

I’ve explained the problem I’ve had with YouTube. So many people aren’t seeing my videos already from being pulled. These are videos I work my ass off doing and I alone take all the risk doing them.

I’ve taken this to the next level. An aggressive one. Far too aggressive for YouTube.

I’ll still be on YouTube, but far to much of my hard work has been destroyed to bet everything on them.

I explained how ugly this is about to get for Diane and myself. You wanna see phonies face to face with me then put a little gas in my car.

I’ll do the fighting… I always have…

Have a look at my new mini-YouTube, here

A membership site, I was left little choice, but I’m very sure everyone will enjoy a great experience without commercials and annoying pop-up ads.

I do appreciate what YouTube has done, our aggressiveness has just outgrown it.

So head on over to Don Shipley’s new spot without the interruption and shitstain filth of ads and crap from YouTube.

To verify any SEAL claim please visit Phony NAVY SEAL Verifications