Going Viral – If You Really Loved America !

By now we’ve all heard the remarks made by New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani questioning Obama’s love for America. Obviously a blunt statement that has inflamed the masses, both denouncing his comments and defending them. But his remarks have emboldened the heart of one young man…a black middle school student by the name of C.J. Pearson.

In C.J.’s statement he points out numerous transgressions against the sovereignty of America since the beginning of the obama presidency. Many of his statements within the video have helped C.J. to gain a rather large following for his YouTube channel with this video that is going viral.

I myself feel like good things can only be in the future of this young man. And his parents should be very proud for the values and ideals that they have instilled upon their son. Now if only many young black men like C.J. could get their stuff together and get off of the victim-hood train, this country may get back on track and away from the “fundamental transformation of America” that obama is making the hallmark of his failing legacy as president of the greatest country in the world.

Have you seen this video going viral within your social media/news channels that you follow? Please voice your opinion whether for or against C.J.’s opinion down below.


One thought on “Going Viral – If You Really Loved America !”

  1. Wow, this is incredible. Today, I found out that Facebook has removed this young man’s personal profile from their system. It sounds like the same thing that was done to me.
    Since CJ is not his real name they justify the removal of nicknames just like when I had my page of 9 years removed for calling myself Tony Greene, rather than Anthony Greene….lol.


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