QoinPro…. Earn free BTC, LTC, FTC, EAC, WDC, IFC, DOGE, DGC and TIPS everyday

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This has to be the simplest way to earn bitcoins and several other altcoins (qoinpro supports and gives out daily bonuses for the following 9 cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, FTC, EAC, WDC, IFC, DOGE, DGC and TIPS).  All one has to do is register on QoinPro, and every day you will receive an email with your new balance.  You dont need invest or enter captchs, you simply need to register. The amounts that you can expect every day are based on a few factors.  If you do absolutely nothing, you will receive approx 0.00000001891 btc.  However if you are able to register your friends and family your daily bonus will increase.  In fact, there are 5 levels of referral bonuses, therefore your daily bonus will increase if your referrals get others to sign up.

Sign up here to earn daily BTC, LTC, FTC, EAC, WDC, IFC, DOGE, DGC and…

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Summer Skincare Must-Haves|AVEENO & NEUTROGENA

Hey Sharonoox

Hey everyone! So we’re smacked up to the beginning of summer. It’s about 80 degrees where I am right now. So, I thought it would be probably a good idea to have a little chat about sunscreen today. I’m going to show you some of the sample products I just received in the mail from Aveeno and Neutrogena.

Aveeno Summer Must Haves *Press Samples

I’m a very firm believer that the best sunscreen for you or you could possibly use is the one that you would actually be using. The one that you’ll apply and reapply as much as needed. I love to wear sunscreen with high SPF pretty much everyday in the summer. Yes, I tend to get burn to crisps quite easily, so let just say sunscreen is my life saver.

So many products are out this year, so  many great products actually. I’m super excited because I’m having so much fun doing this review. This…

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Looks like THE EPA is going on a diet

The Environmental Protection Agency’s website is getting a climate-change makeover. The heavy edits came hours before tens of thousands of climate-change activists marched to the White House during a Saturday protest. The agency eliminated EPA.gov pages relating to climate science, projections of the future impacts of human-caused climate change, and descriptions of the Obama administration’s…

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Why Do Men Cheat?

One Man's Voice


I know that every woman has asked themselves this question a time or two, or more. I know that every woman has thought to themselves about how they have given a guy their all and yet they still stepped out on them. Being a man, I have been asked this question so many times and every time I attempt to give an answer it seems that my point of view changes. See the truth is there is no 1 answer to give women when it comes to our mysterious ways of infidelity; however there are a handful of common reasons why we do what we do and some of these reasons you may be aware of and some you may not. So, it is my goal is to bring a little clarity to this situation because I think men take a lot of the blame which we should but in…

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